Learn how to look at art - for free.

How to look at art? That is the question.

Often when we look at an artwork we think: where should I look? What should I see? On which elements should I focus?

We doubt: why does everyone around me say that this particular masterpiece is so great?

What is worse, we doubt ourselves: I don’t like this piece. Is something wrong with me?

Let’s be honest, it is rare to have art history lessons at schools – or to have a decent amount of hours of it. We have a right to feel intimidated when nobody has taught us before how to look at art. This free course will give you courage and a few tips that will make you feel better when looking at art, regardless of whether you’ve had any art expertise before or not.

Seeing art is one thing – but there is also feeling art. We will talk about this as well. Because – as with all fruits of human creativity and genius – art is something that can be perceived both intellectually and emotionally.

We hope that this course will make you enjoy art more and make you feel comfortable with it. Even if you have enrolled in our other courses, check this one out beforehand. Enjoy!

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Zuzanna Stańska
Art historian, CEO and Founder of DailyArt. Her hobby is to teach art history in the simplest and most interesting way. After writing the courses about Impressionism, she became a huge fan of it.


[email protected] 1123 days ago
Very helpful. I got to know some tips for what I should concern when I see paintings
[email protected] 1123 days ago
You really manage to transmit your love for art to the reader: you would make even someone who is totally uninterested in art eager to know more and to learn, let alone people like me, who already love art and always want to learn more! Thank you for this course and for encouraging the reader to ask questions and then try to answer them, the best way to learn! Looking forward to take all the other courses! <3
Errika Gerakiti 1121 days ago
Fun and interesting course. It really helps if you are not familiar with art. If you are familiar, it gives good points of view and it puts in order your thoughts on what you see.
Atul Rattan 1120 days ago
Very helpful to understand Art in a easy way.
Annika Weber 1119 days ago
The perfect way for anyone, no matter their experience, to get started at interacting with art, some helpful tips I would not have thought of myself.
[email protected] 1119 days ago
Very concise, to the point, and entertaining! Basic stuff, but indispensable as a foundation for experiencing art at a deeper level. Five stars, though there is no Ingres, which is a shame.
[email protected] 1117 days ago
The course introduces the general rules of appreciating an artwork to us. I agree with what was written in the course - there is no right or wrong way of looking at art. Our own feelings matter :)
[email protected] 1117 days ago
A charming short course on how to comfortably approach and enjoy art. This is a great level-setting exercise with practical advice and a charming writing style. Thanks so much!
[email protected] 1116 days ago
This little course pairs very well with the daily art app - I’m writing these questions down and I’ll try to answer them again and again with the art you show me each day. It’s such a comforting thought that art can be about what it means to me, not just to the artist, the critic, and/or the expert. Ty <3
[email protected] 1116 days ago
Nice non-intimidating intro to art appreciation.
[email protected] 1116 days ago
Thanks a lot for this course! I would be glad to attend more free courses...
[email protected] 1116 days ago
Instructions that may sound so simple actually make a huge difference in the way we can experience art. This mini course really shows how small changes in our habits of perception can make us appreciate art beyond just beauty, tackling our emotions as well.
[email protected] 1116 days ago
Good use of art examples and easy to understand. Would be nice to have your opinion of the pieces and explanation/history of them at the end.
[email protected] 1116 days ago
Very good framework for appreciating art in a way that anyone can follow. Thanks for this quick & useful course!
[email protected] 1116 days ago
Perfect introduction to art. Thank you!
[email protected] 1115 days ago
I love this course! I do these kinds of tours with groupe where we SEE and FEEL and relate to art! You did a great job in a very short course! Bravo!
[email protected] 1115 days ago
The course was educational. I feel it could be improved by giving examples of answers at the end of each lesson, to the questions posed. I appreciate every one will have different ideas, but it would have been helpful to know what experienced art lovers read into the pictures. Am motivated enough to enrol on another course, thank you.
[email protected] 1115 days ago
great introduction!
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Super helpful and great reminders as well as great questions to ask.
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Nice little course. Brief and to the point. It will help the novice to understand part of what their seeing. One important thing I would emphasize is context when possible. Example, it’s hard to understand, say Impressionism or Abstract Impressionism for example, without the knowledge of the artist’s time frame, influences, and the events of their day.
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Too short course but really interesting and encouraging to learn more about art and how to study it.
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Overall - a useful introduction. The course could include more interactive material (audio/video). It suggests that other (paid) courses do not use any interactive materials. I guess it's intentional but I would have liked more information about the presented artwork to be revealed at some point after the exercises.
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Good first step covering the basics.
[email protected] 1114 days ago
an amazing way to understand art even if you're a novice or english isn't your first language (p.s. me encantaría obtener un diploma)
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Good. A guide for beginners. Would be nice to have the possibility to get some descriptions and emotions from the author of the course after having done with the execises.
[email protected] 1114 days ago
I want the course be more examples. Thank you
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Great introduction to art and easy to understand.
[email protected] 1114 days ago
I really like that it's a very brief course but it says a lot! The questions are very interesting. It's the kind of content you will want to check when you want to refresh your mind before visiting a museum or looking at an online gallery. Thank you!
[email protected] 1114 days ago
Amazing, thank you!
[email protected] 1113 days ago
Helpful if you are new at this, but you need to have time and be patient.
[email protected] 1113 days ago
A lovely little introduction to appreciating art pieces, for complete amateurs. Perhaps it is outside the scope of this minicourse but I would have liked to hear of the writer's personal feelings on the pieces, as an example in how to express your feelings for what you are looking at, which can be difficult at times. Highly recommend for those with zero experience in art looking to start somewhere!
[email protected] 1113 days ago
Nice class, I wold make the paintings more close as geners, meaning that going from Manet to contemporart artist is kind off “the hard way” especially for begginers :) Thanks S
[email protected] 1113 days ago
It was a really helpful course, it makes you aware of all of the pieces that make an artwork whole and at the same time it helps you understand the way in which the articles of the magazine are written.
[email protected] 1113 days ago
Great course, interesting.
[email protected] 1112 days ago
I thought the complement of questions and suggestions for looking at art were invaluable. It was a well-paced and superbly organized introduction. I look forward to implementing these observational questions in your next courses. Thank you, Stephanie
Jin Rhee 1112 days ago
Really enjoyed this course! Sadly, as you've mentioned a few times, it's rather short. BUT: It did make me curious to try out the other courses as well :-) I've got some helpful insights from this course and I love your excitment on art!
Joanne Higinbotham 1112 days ago
It would be helpful if you could continuously view the painting while reading the text. Interesting and thought provoking
Plume Palette 1112 days ago
A bit simple.
[email protected] 1112 days ago
The course was really helpful. I love art and sometimes feel confused about the ways of seeing it. Thank you for your free course.
[email protected] 1111 days ago
Was what I expected it do be. Both a short introductory guided reflection on how to look at art as well as a way to gage at what level I can appreciate art. For people who don't visit museums, perhaps a helpful hand-hold (though that is personal of course), for people who are museum-savvy (which I do consider myself to be) a reassurance.
[email protected] 1111 days ago
[email protected] 1111 days ago
I loved this course.
[email protected] 1109 days ago
super simple et complet
Jan Pleus 1108 days ago
I think it is a good start. It might be useful to advise people not to try and look at every single piece of art exhibited in the museum. Especially if you have the opportunity to visit this museum several times. Make a selection of the artworks you really want to see and spend time on them. An other advice could be to look at the website of the museum. Sometimes (more and more) the museum enables you to make an on line tour on the exhibition. Invest some time to prepare your visit.
[email protected] 1107 days ago
I really liked it! Objective and approachable. I'll just leave here a couple of little improvement suggestions: to enable the art pieces preview in bigger size and to offer an audio alternative to the text. Thanks!
Cem Ergünay 1107 days ago
I really loved the course. However, it would also be nice for the course tutor to put her conclusion out of the masterpieces according to the way of approach which is taught in the course. But this is not a reason to drop star of course.
[email protected] 1107 days ago
This really made me think and look deeper but I would have liked to be able to view the painting at the same time as being asked the questions I had to keep scrolling backwards and forwards
[email protected] 1107 days ago
Really great starting course! It really opens your eyes. In the end I would have liked it more, if there was some kind of examples or hints for the composition, rhythm, colors, et cetera. For the beginning I always like to see how the professionals do it, to understand how they see and look at the art.
[email protected] 1107 days ago
I loved it! So simple, yet so enlightening! As l was answering the questions and going back to the art work, I would see even more and come up with a different story about it every time. It made me curious to know the people depicted and also the artists! I want to take these questions with me every time I go to a museum! (And I wish I had them when I went to all those famous museums...). I suggest to have the art work fixed on the screen as we scroll into the questions, would that be possible? I think it would make the suggested reflexion easier. And maybe have the same questions rewritten on the Modern & Contemporary Art lesson. Again, just to make things easier. I loved the course!! I would and will recommend it to friends. (And now I wish there were someone I could share my ideas and insights from the paintings we just saw - and listen to theirs!). Thank you Daily Art for making this course available to us!!
Dana Sasu 1106 days ago
It offered a really nice and inclusive perspective on art reception.
[email protected] 1106 days ago
Very timely. This gives you the questions to ask yourself and think about. The course achieves its aims of making you look deeper. Perhaps needed a little more in the modern art section.
[email protected] 1106 days ago
Just strikingly enlightening.
Sofia Pinto 1105 days ago
A good beginner's course in how to look at art. Despite being short, it is consice and gives useful tips in how to appreciate and feel art. Many feel overwhelmed by what they do not understand and believe to be much deeper and requiring knowledge the person does not have, but with this short course, anyone can feel ready to look at art and experience it. It is a good way to start a possible second course related to the same subject, something more in depth, explaining how art experts look at art, for example. It could also be interesting to make short videos about it, to engage people while guiding them through the explanation.
[email protected] 1105 days ago
I wish there had been some description of what one might notice about the painting after seeing it. For instance, the girl's expression, sad. The reflection in the mirror of the man talking to her, but in the painting she is looking straight ahead, there is the customers reflection in the mirror with one lady highlighted. The bar lady could be sad that she isn't this woman. Colors are subdued so bargirl stands out. This way students could revisit painting. Any other possibilities could be included, like why a plate of uneaten oranges. This is a great app! Excellent. So glad I found it.
[email protected] 1105 days ago
It is very nice! Do you have any plan to make video lessons?
[email protected] 1103 days ago
Lesson learned.... advance toward a work of art in the loneliness of our own truth.
[email protected] 1103 days ago
thank you for these instructions, and for the free course
[email protected] 1103 days ago
Very brief, but to the point. Makes you think and that is what all good art should do.
[email protected] 1103 days ago
Thought provoking. Very enjoyable.
Iman Traveler 1103 days ago
fantastic course thanks alot. it was great.
[email protected] 1103 days ago
Loved the course: short, helpful and easy to follow.
Nadia Paz Rocchietti 1100 days ago
I liked it a lot! Very helpuful for people that does not have any preconcepts about art.
[email protected] 1100 days ago
Good, On the computer it was easy to translate the entire page, from English to Spanish
[email protected] 1099 days ago
I like it as an intro to other courses. This is true of course and I've been doing this type of 'seeing the art' since always. I know this is the general course but to tempt me to continue with other I would love to see your angle at 2 paintings presented in this free course. To show what one might expect from more detailed courses.
[email protected] 1098 days ago
Thank you for the course. In fact, even though the course is short and written things are quite easy familiar, this little "manual" really helps, especially with the genre paintings. In particular, I like the "Feelings" section, an approach to imagine myself as a participant in the picture. I have already turned to this "immersion technique" several times.
Anna Maria Zinner 1098 days ago
I've never actually read or learned anything about how to look at art, so this was a good starting point!
[email protected] 1097 days ago
I enjoyed the short course and appreciated the basic intent however I would have liked to see some further exploration of the two art pieces. Perhaps a few ideas of what one "might see" or feel to get an understanding of the differences that can be garnered from a single piece.
[email protected] 1097 days ago
If you want to learn how to look at art an understand why are particular pieces popular, that's your course. Although, a little bit more about looking at modern art would be nice.
[email protected] 1096 days ago
I really enjoyed the guiding questions when looking at art, and I do feel more trust in my opinions and how I look at art. Thank you for the lovely course!
[email protected] 1096 days ago
Great, now I undertand deeper how to see and not to look the art , piece with better feelings.
[email protected] 1096 days ago
It'd be even more intresting if in e.g. Manet's work you'd give some tips like e.g. did you see the green shoes from the girl above the crowd
[email protected] 1095 days ago
Great introduction with lots of things to think about.
[email protected] 1095 days ago
This is a lovely, simple (but not simplistic) little course. Perfect for anyone wishing to begin to understand how to interact with art. Well done!
Noelle Perez Sansaricq 1095 days ago
Great little intro! I like the set up and text quality. It makes me want to try the other courses and I don’t mind pay for for!
[email protected] 1089 days ago
I really appreiate how the couse is organized and how useful it is. I have got no doubt that my next stop in a museum or gallery of art will be totally different, and because of the course it will. I just woul like to get a certificate as clousure gift (waiting). Daily Art is amazing in everything, tho.
[email protected] 1089 days ago
I really like this course! Most of all, the questionts 👏🏻 And the most important thing in art: TIME. Thank you very much.
[email protected] 1088 days ago
Good course. Clear and concrete. It gives us the basic (but not less important) steps to enjoy art.
[email protected] 1088 days ago
Great little course! Just what I need to make me curious for more Art. Thank you.
Kauê Gropelo 1087 days ago
Perfect! It shows how looking at art is something that can be done by literally everyone. People usually shy away from making commentaries on the piece of art they are seeing, or sometimes they feel like it "means nothing", but there is always so much more to it. Anyone can relate to a piece of art on an emotional level, and that's what beautiful about art. There's no "right" or 'wrong", there's only "what are you thinking?". Love the course!
[email protected] 1086 days ago
Basic and simple, but so helpful. Looking at art is really like meditating :)
[email protected] 1086 days ago
Nice start! Gives some real good starting points for looking at art.
[email protected] 1084 days ago
Covers the basics. Now I want to know more about the composition of the painting and what the artist intended to express viz emotions
[email protected] 1084 days ago
Roberta Belloni 1082 days ago
Thank you for educating me. I feel more confident now and I will certainly apply all the suggestions I was given to the next masterpiece I will look at. Please keep adding courses. So far, I love them - In fact, I just bought all of them
[email protected] 1082 days ago
It is realy very short and basic course. There are some tips but I expected something more-how to interpreted art, what is important at, some important clues, one deep case study. The course is too shallow.
Wa Haha 1082 days ago
I love this course. It's exactly what I need to better enjoy art!
Camille De Mareigne 1081 days ago
Interesting training that gives ideas and opens our mind. Thanks!
Alan Bush 1080 days ago
Lot's of good questions posed Anxious to continue with the other lessons. DailyArt has been such a pleasure to my life during these times. ab
Marija Canjuga 1080 days ago
The course is great. The concept is clear, it has everything you have to mention about the main theme, and it is simply to follow it.
[email protected] 1079 days ago
Surprisingly short but to the point, I thought it would be videos but to read and have time to look at the paintings was better... maybe if one could have made them bigger, to focus on them. Thank you
Claudia Bognar Sanders 1079 days ago
Nice, short introduction to viewing art.
[email protected] 1079 days ago
The suggestions made me look at the artwork differently.
[email protected] 1077 days ago
Short and sweet
Laura Lotta Andersson 1075 days ago
This course makes you want to see the paintings in real, not only through your screen.
[email protected] 1075 days ago
Great lessons! Thank you! I confess that I was waiting for some analysis on the artworks. I learned about the personal relationship with the images and that there is no right or wrong, but I was still curious about your vision.
Gabriela Morcillo 1074 days ago
This course enables me to face any work of art!
[email protected] 1073 days ago
This quick, introductory, and free! course was an excellent introduction to looking at art. The three pieces of art work - two historical and one contemporary - were well chosen.
[email protected] 1072 days ago
great course)
[email protected] 1068 days ago
Great App
[email protected] 1068 days ago
Thank you very much
[email protected] 1068 days ago
Congratulations! A brief but complete and powerful way to start to immerse in the world of art. Thanks a lot.
Abby Altshuler 1068 days ago
Thanks, that was fun. I'm an artist so it gave me a refresher not only on what to look for, but what to aim for.
[email protected] 1065 days ago
Obrigado pelo curso. Aprender a apreciar uma obra de arte requer tempo e muito estudo. Quando visito museus eu pesquiso antes sobre algumas obras e vou em busca delas para apreciar seu esplendor e detalhes que não vemos nos livros. um abraço desde o Chile.
Gabor Jenei 1064 days ago
I'm not a professional art person, but I always been attracted by artworks. This mini course gave me the push to go deeper in this misterious world called ART. Thank you for that!
[email protected] 1061 days ago
Not much. But worth the price.
Efraín Sánchez 1059 days ago
[email protected] 1056 days ago
A good introduction; thank you. The course writer asked a lot of questions. As a final section to this course, I would have liked her/him to share some personal answers.
[email protected] 1055 days ago
A very nice, concise, and easy introduction to art appreciation though nothing really new I couldn't figure out. By the time I saw Manet's Bar at Folies-Bergère couldn't but to remind historian David Olusoga words in BBC's documentary series Cilvilisations:
[email protected] 1053 days ago
Thank you for this great free course. Especially I liked practical parts!
[email protected] 1051 days ago
Insightful- thank you 😊
[email protected] 1051 days ago
Awesome to make these courses more readily available, especially as we are quarentining. I am looking forward to seeing what else i can learn.
Anne 1051 days ago
We are long-time art aficionados, but this course was thought-provoking; had never thought about what noises we might hear if the art work were to come to life. Excellent!
[email protected] 1048 days ago
I really love this course on how to look at art. It is a great introduction to provoke thinking and show different perspectives on seeing a painting:) It helps me to learn that art is very personal that could resonate various feelings of audiences. It also helps the artists to think from a viewer's perspective and may assist them with composing their artwork to have an impact and its unique value:)
[email protected] 1043 days ago
Definitely thought provoking and opened the door to a new way of approaching an art work. Would welcome more on abstract modern as still have a problem getting the most from such artwork!
[email protected] 1039 days ago
Great questions to elicit thinking about the art.
[email protected] 1039 days ago
Great Introduction course! Although you believe there is no right or wrong in art, I would have enjoyed some "solutions" in form of suggestions to the questions. To find out something new, something I might not have seen/felt yet.
[email protected] 1039 days ago
Simple and basic concepts to find meaningful understanding of pieces of art
[email protected] 1039 days ago
Good intro, yhankyou.
[email protected] 1038 days ago
I love it so much! Thank you. I've learned a lot from this course, which I never knew before. I thought the artists are tricking us when we loom at their artworks, but I've learned to trust in it and look what it means from the artist and mine. Thank you for giving this course for free! I've appreciated art because of this. Have a nice day and God bless!
[email protected] 1038 days ago
I just took the course and found it to be a good way to reconnect with art after so many museum free months due to the COVID 19 quarantine.. While the information wasn't new it was a very helpful and satisfying reminder of the basics in how to best experience artwork. Thank you..
[email protected] 1038 days ago
This is the first step in understanding art. Thank you!
[email protected] 1037 days ago
I get your idea of appreciating a work of art of which we are not familiar. I would appreciate a guided video approach and them information about the artists.
[email protected] 1035 days ago
Would love a certificate
[email protected] 1033 days ago
Found it really helpful. As someone who likes abstract expressionism, I found it quite helpful.
[email protected] 1033 days ago
Interesting course, simple but great information to enjoy art even more. It gives confidence and I have to give credits to the writer! Very funny and well written, thank you. Last but not least I appreciate how Daily Art can bring so much joy and doesn't push to much to buy. I don't have a lot of money, but you don't make me feel poor, plus what you get for the prices here is amazing! Something worth saving for
[email protected] 1033 days ago
It was good. However more examples would have been appreciated.
Boris Kipnis 1031 days ago
Thank you i really like it.
Jean Bates 1030 days ago
It's short, but to the point. It will help me to look at art in a different way from now on
Lori Mills 1030 days ago
This course gives so many specific tips for interacting with art rather than just looking at it. It demystifies the painting so that each person can relate to it in their own unique way. I am looking forward to learning about French Impressionist paintings in the next course now!
[email protected] 1030 days ago
I love art. At museums, exhibitions, galleries, etc. I stop, look, and move on to the next piece. This short course has taught me not just to look, but to see the art. To notice details, how the piece makes me feel, to appreciate the colors, the emotion of the artist. Highly recommend this course for a brief but essential guide to appreciating, understanding and expanding the art we see.
Şakir Yıldız 1028 days ago
It was pretty good, ı wish ıt had been longer
[email protected] 1027 days ago
I liked it so much, I appreciate how welcome it is and how you target the exact problem I and many other people have, trust in our opinion toward how we look at art. I will have loved to have a bigger and extended course, but I couldn't pay it just yet. Thanks again I'm going to practice my new steps and develop my confidence looking at art.
Giuliano Gaia 1026 days ago
Super simple course, but not easy. All the right questions one should ask himself in front of an artwork.
[email protected] 1026 days ago
Very useful for an Artnovice. Thank you.
Aruna Mettler 1025 days ago
For me this was a refresher course. I liked the concise and specific points discussed. I find the newsletter informative and educational. Thank you.
[email protected] 1025 days ago
Really enjoyed this will definitely enroll in the next course
[email protected] 1021 days ago
I love this mini course. I teach art history. You have given me many ideas on how to structure my classes so that my students can have a deeper understanding of what they are looking at. Your exercises will be extremely useful in helping them to get more out of art that does not immediately appeal to them. Thank you
[email protected] 1020 days ago
Thank you for this free course.
[email protected] 1017 days ago
Truly wonderfull mini-beginner-course. And that for free. Easy to read writing style and humor.
Sarkadi-Kruk Orsolya 1014 days ago
A modern art course would be great, or how to understand modert art... Thanks! I love your site!!
[email protected] 1001 days ago
The matter is more intriguing of what you could think at first sight. Yuo ask the right questions and they resonate. good
[email protected] 1000 days ago
Good intro to someone new to viewing art. I am a bit experienced. My only suggestion is that though your point was viewing art is a personal thing, I think it would be interesting to point out examples of things the viewer may not see with just cursory look. With the Manet for example, I was fascinated when someone pointed out the reflection in the mirror - after I'd viewed it several times. Thanks!
[email protected] 999 days ago
I enjoyed the tongue in cheek tone (Aren't you glad you didn't pay for this course; put down your phone). I love the impressionists and I know this Manet, seen it many times (tho only once in person), but your questions did cause me to look at it more closely than ever before. I am now intrigued by the one patron all in white sitting amongst the other darker ones. My only suggestion for layout is that it would be good to be able to see the questions and the painting side by side. I found having to go back and forth between the two a little distracting. Othewise, bravo!
[email protected] 997 days ago
This basic course was useful as it has confirmed my intuition to pick up only a few pictures in the gallery and spend a lot of time at each of them in a "structured "way described in the course.
[email protected] 992 days ago
The course made me want to study a piece of art rather than just look at it. Very worthwhile in just a few moments time. Would have printed the basic hints if program allowed it.
[email protected] 986 days ago
Nice, a good thought-provoking introduction. I only wish it had been a little longer!
[email protected] 974 days ago
It's a good start but i was looking for more answers rather than questions because most of the time i know how i feel about a painting but i don't know exactly why is it considered to be a masterpiece ,and what makes it so great .nonetheless i enjoyed this course very much ,thank you .
[email protected] 974 days ago
Very nice as a preliminary course of how to see Art. It certainly will enhance my perception and the pleasure in the future. My only comment is that would be nice to have your answers for all the questions made during the course. In my opinion it will help still more the learning...
Edna Lopez-Rodriguez 974 days ago
A very good course for beginners! And I'm so happy it's free and accessible!
[email protected] 969 days ago
Good starter. A few more examples clarifying what we could be looking for (eg examples of how movement is expressed) would have been helpful.
[email protected] 969 days ago
Muy bueno como una primera mirsda para apreciar el arte, espero con ansias una versión más profunda para seguir aprendiendo. Gracias por el curso.
[email protected] 965 days ago
I think it's great how you share your knowledge with these courses, that are very easy to understand and to apply. Thank you!!
[email protected] 959 days ago
Excellent, practical tips for everyday use! I do believe that looking at art with these tips can be therapeutic :)
Luis Antonio 957 days ago
Very good simple introduction. A helpful starting point.
Carlos GUTIERREZ 956 days ago
I liked the overview very much! I am an Engineer very new to Art, so the introduction was detailed enough for me. As an example for new students of art, I would have liked to read answers to all the questions, even if they were interpretations or feelings from the author. It would give us examples of how an art piece could have different reactions. Art also includes other forms, like sculptures or ceramics. I would have liked to see at least five other pieces that evoked diverse thoughts and feelings.
[email protected] 956 days ago
Thanks for the opportunity to learn more how to see arts.
[email protected] 955 days ago
Love it, makes me to encourage myself for my feeling what the art is evoked me.
[email protected] 948 days ago
I really like the statement about meditation actually when I goes deeper into the picture I have a sense of detachment from reality...
Diana Place 948 days ago
I enjoy everything you do and how you do it.
[email protected] 942 days ago
Informative and fun!
Silvano Venturi 940 days ago
Mi è sembrato un po'troppo breve per cercare di capire l'arte per me che sono un neofita. Avrei gradito alcune considerazioni critiche sui quadri rappresentati. Ad es. L'ultima opera inserita nel periodo contemporaneo mi ha fatto capire che l'autore ha voluto rappresentare 2 stati d'animo con un colore caldo ed uno freddo ma, siccome quello caldo prevale nelle dimensioni rispetto l'altro, egli fa vedere a chi lo osserva anche i tocchi di pennello, le sfumature, la possibilità di alternare anche con ombreggiature la parte colorata in rosso. Forse, in quel momento, l'autore voleva rappresentare il suo stato d'animo nella vita.
Alexandre Neves 935 days ago
Excellent introductory course to art and also an excellent choice to provide a free mini-course. I would like to see a tiny bit more content regarding the paintings, perhaps some answers to the proposed answers, so newcomers can have a sense of comparison of what to think about. But t'was a great read and contemplation time, can't wait to jump to the following courses :)
[email protected] 934 days ago
It would be nice if there were some answers to the questions about the pieces as an example of a line of thought. Also a couple more of art works with some comments and simple analysis about it as an example. Thanks :)
[email protected] 929 days ago
Very helpful. Thank you.
[email protected] 918 days ago
W ciągu 3 lat zajęć z historii sztuki uczyłem się o artystach, nurtach i okresach w sztuce. Słuchałem lub czytałem interpretacje całego mnóstwa dzieł. I nikt przez cały ten czas nie powiedział mi, że mogę patrzeć na sztukę po swojemu. Kurs dał mi masę frajdy, a także rozpalił moją ciekawość w dziedzinie samodzielnego poznawania sztuki. Szczerze polecam.
[email protected] 915 days ago
Fantastic for new to art students, anyone with a keen interest and knowledge of art will not gain anything as its a very basic introduction to what you should feel and look for. I will happily sit with my child and go through this and recommend to friends that dont understand art from impressionism upwards
[email protected] 915 days ago
Easy to comprehend
Anastasiia Gryn 913 days ago
Very helpful, thank you :)
[email protected] 912 days ago
A very nice course for ones, who starts getting interested in art and in possible ways to conceive it. I think it would be great to have the course expert answers to at least some of the listed questions in the very end of the course, so that the student can have something to agree or disagree with, instead of being “on his own” with his answers. For me, I’m doing one more thing: searching for some small part of the painting or other piece of art, which looks ideally depicted to me. Then I can just keep enjoying it for some time, while gazing on the color, lines, proportions and so on:) In current painting for me it is a glass with flowers in front of the woman.
Mary Helen 912 days ago
Thanks! The course is fine just to have a little contact with art when you dont know much about the subject.
[email protected] 910 days ago
Helpful and interest for everyone that needs a little bit of confidence and tips to look and think in art.
[email protected] 905 days ago
Great start, very nicely and entertaining written with interesting information. Would have been nice to get some "reveals" about the presented masterpieces.
Mark Brennan 897 days ago
The most important thing I learned from this course that art needs time. Also trying to see rather than just look. Discovering what the work means to me, rather than describing or defining the work for someone else.
[email protected] 897 days ago
I really appreciate the content and approach. I know I'm going to enjoy taking more of your courses.
[email protected] 892 days ago
Great guide for beginners
[email protected] 885 days ago
A continuar ,estos conceptos son valiosos y sirven para ver las diferentes obras en su contexto. Es clara la diferencia entre el arte moderno y el clasico
Julian Navarro Velázquez 883 days ago
Thanks for the course, It has what I needed. Thanks to my now girlfriend I've been hugely influence to pay more attention to aesthetics and art. Specially, Polish artists. This course just helps me keep getting into this field in a more comfortable way. A great complement to a Philosophy student, that's for sure.
[email protected] 881 days ago
I can't thank the team behind DailyArt enough for creating this course and making it free and accessible. I was expecting some tips on how to look at art but I didn't expect I would be fully immersed in two masterpieces and feel so emotional. "Art takes time" and "trust the art" really resonated with me. I don't know how they did it, but in just a few minutes I've learned the tools on how to appreciate and truly look at art. Thank you thank you thank you.
Bob Johnson 879 days ago
very good
[email protected] 878 days ago
Nice simplified course on taking un art. Perfect for those of us with an interest, but not the degree
[email protected] 876 days ago
I want to learn, and now, in my retirement, I have the time. I appreciated the overall framework of questions one needs to consider when viewing art. I am looking forward to exploring the available courses.
[email protected] 870 days ago
It was actually very informative and helpful! Thank you so mich
[email protected] 869 days ago
Overall a good introduction. I felt that it would have been more enticing to a person unfamiliar with art to have provided some interesting background and context within which to view these pieces. Especially the Manet. A description of the late 19th century world of Paris and what this painting depicts might be the very thing that would capture the viewer's imagination. I can't say the same thing about the Rothko, I just question the choice of this work. Something more representational might tempt people to consider the subject of "abstract" art as being more approachable.
[email protected] 857 days ago
If you have a blog I’d love to follow it. Clear questions, categorised well and spaced beautifully. PerhAps consider placing the image above each set of questions to save having to scroll up and down. Thanks. :-)
[email protected] 856 days ago
Easy enough to commit to. I love visiting art galleries and museums whenever I travel or have a chance to. This simple course reminds me of my passion
My K 856 days ago
Very nice way to start getting know more about arts
Pedro Hilario 856 days ago
Very interesting
[email protected] 855 days ago
It was helpful but I expected to see more practical questions, engaging the learner more than just giving tips, Good luck. I liked you already :)
Atul Rokkam 846 days ago
Loved it! Succinct and powerful.
[email protected] 846 days ago
Very good. Realy conected me more to the pictures. On Manet painting I really got emotional. Until now I didn't understant what captures me so much about this painting. Thank you very much for the experience.
[email protected] 844 days ago
I'm finishing docent training for a local art museum. We've spent months evaluating art, both historically and using principles and elements of art. I love this very short intro, because it incorporates the basics of what we need to know to look at art.
[email protected] 837 days ago
very helpful introduction to Art.
Marc Fraser 837 days ago
I enjoyed this short course. It gave me some new perspectives and insight into how to view art. My only wish is that it had been longer - maybe a paid for, more in-depth course on the subject?
[email protected] 834 days ago
Thanks, this is short but sweet! Perfect for when I show artwork to my elementary school aged students! THANKS!
[email protected] 824 days ago
Extraordinary! Have seen the Manet picture before but never as today under your guidance. Had been quite indiferent to it. Today was struck by the way the painter 'treats' his main model. Kindly & objectively. Also drinks labels are somewhat protected advertising not allowed ? Need to go back rushed it a bit. So much more to see. With Rothko. Apologies but always admired his courage ! To do his own thing so to speak. It still durprises me that I like it. What is there to like or dislike ? Oh dear am I a lost cause ? Wish me well. Thank you for your guidance.will put it to good use that is for sure. Yours, honestly & very thankful, evelyne
[email protected] 818 days ago
I love DailyArt!
[email protected] 818 days ago
Excellent mini journey into the interpretation of artwork... Feelings or how one feels about the art often comes at the end of it should be your way to conclude the artists work based on all the elements you have to consider and take note of when looking, enjoying and enjoying the feeling you getting from the artwork.
[email protected] 809 days ago
Very basic ways of LOOKING are clearly listed. I love this list. I appreciated the emphatic distinction between SEEING the picture and LOOKING at it.
[email protected] 806 days ago
Nice basic information about how to look at art. Great for its price :D
[email protected] 802 days ago
Very helpful and enjoyable course. I will carry these recommendations with me on my next museum visit!
[email protected] 802 days ago
This is really helpful
Karine Yan 801 days ago
Thanks for this mini course, very useful! I will try to practice the techniques of seeing a piece of artwork. It seems seeing a picture is like some kind of communication between the painting itself and the viewer, very interesting.
hao yun 801 days ago
The course is concise and to the point. Very useful for art noob like me. It saves me from being bewildering and diffident when looking at artworks. Thank you! A suggestion is: I really hope to hear your feelings and opinions on the shown modern art. It would be a great sample for beginners to understand and learn your way to perceive modern artworks.
[email protected] 801 days ago
The course was pleasant and engaging—a very provocative start for people who are beginning at art. I would add a basic and formative questionnaire to enforce what was learned.
[email protected] 800 days ago
[email protected] 800 days ago
Amazing course more free courses are required like these
[email protected] 771 days ago
Great lesson! I don't know a thing about art history but this lesson taught me to appreciate art in my own way. I 'd really need help on the second painting, tho. It will be better if you can lecture about the painting. I'm really eager to know about it. Overall 10/10
[email protected] 769 days ago
Muy práctico! Me queda revisar los conceptos técnicos de la pintura, pero es muy claro
[email protected] 769 days ago
Thank you for making this free course available. The only suggestion I would like to make is to redesign the website so that the painting is posted on all the blank space on the right and moves with the scroll. It would be a lot easier to read the text on the left with the painting scrolling also (still visible) making it easier to apply the lessons/exercises without having to move up and down. Besides that, it was very good. Thank you.
[email protected] 759 days ago
Excellent short intro, great for those who find art a bit challenging.
[email protected] 759 days ago
It was a good course. The questions asked by author in the course really help the individual to see, feel and understand the art.
[email protected] 759 days ago
Thank you for the lesson
[email protected] 758 days ago
I found the Course useful and interesting. I must say that I remain in my adversity towards modern and / or contemporary art; with some exceptions (e.g. Picasso / Bacon). During the course you commented on two paintings: one by Manet and one by Rothko. While I think I understand what Manet wanted to express: mainly the feelings that the girl at the bar is experiencing, particularly in the relationship with the gentleman in front of her (she is tired, annoyed and bored by what the man is telling her , but she cannot put into words what she feels), staring at Rothko's painting for a long time I received no sensation and the painting conveyed nothing to me.
[email protected] 743 days ago
Excellent information given in an instructive and entertaining style.
[email protected] 739 days ago
It was very useful with such a brief summary of how to look at art. Thank you so much! :)